It’s The Safest Wallet In The World!

Secure Your Wallet By Simply Using Your Phone Number

Using TheNux Wallet is the safest way for you to store, send and receive various forms of cryptocurrency.

What Makes TheNux The Safest Wallet For You To Use?


Nobody has the authorization or capability to access your wallet, including the TheNux team ourselves. Only you can access your wallet by simply using your cellphone.

Wallet Key

Your wallet key is stored within your cell phone. Therefore, nobody has the capability to make a copy OF your unique wallet key besides yourself.

Phone Number

We ask you to use your cellphone number to ensure that your wallet is protected. In order to access your TheNux wallet, your number and wallet key will both be required.


Unlike other digital wallets, we do not use a 12-phrase backup system. Since TheNux backup system requires both your wallet key and cellphone number, if somebody was to steal your wallet key, they would still not be able to access your wallet without having access to your phone as well.


If you are facing any technical issues related to TheNux, you can contact us at any time. Our friendly support team will get in touch with you promptly.


Create Your TheNux Wallet By Following These Simple Steps:


Install Our TheNux Application

Download and install TheNux’s app from either Appstore or Google Play Store .

Register Your Account

Register account by using your cell phone number once download. Please ensure to provide us a valid mobile number as we’d verify beforehand.

Create Your Wallet

Tap on the wallet icon to create a brand new wallet after completing the installation and registration process.


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