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10,000 Merchants

We made cryptocurrency available to be spent on 17,315 merchants while creating more value and usage on your tokens. Merchants retains the chance to become established wholesaler by exposing themselves to crypto market internationally with us.

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A simpler form of making your payment. Just like spending fiat money. Technology has grown so much that it acts as time saver. For that reason, we as a team initiated to make crypto payment as simple as using fiat currency. It was a big challenge for us to welcome the effort of making crypto as established payment method in our daily lives.
We had overcome the uncertainty and void that technology brings just to provide you the best crypto payment application.

The future of payments

We abide by the advancement of technology and thus we believe that cryptocurrency shall be treated as new monetary system. Wonder why? Cryptocurrency is the simpler form of money that anyone could utilise of.
It doesn’t need interference of third party and provides a highly secured platform. Create your own opportunities instead of waiting by making use of the formation of cryptocurrency in businesses.
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Taking cryptocurrency into account gets better with a profound and diligent sets of skill.

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