About Us

TheNux is a Customer Reward Ecosystem. We help businesses to double their profit per customer via giving digital rewards, incentives, and benefits. We provide a personalized marketing assessment to identify the specific ways your brand can boost customer retention to double your profit per customer.


TheNux’s vision is for a world in which every business can find an easy-to-use reward system with high secured technology, circumventing high cost and inefficiencies of the conventional reward system. The company’s wide-ranging ecosystem is designed to transform the way of how people think of the traditional loyalty program, regardless of what’s the type of industry you are.


The aim of upgrade everyone and everywhere with our reward system, build a relatively high tech reward system. Enabling each of our business partners able to drive customer engagement, brand awareness and make sure the customer spends.

Customer Reward Ecosystem

TheNux Wallet is building a comprehensive ecosystem for customer reward, helping increase the redemption rate and decrease the cost for all industries in this competitive market. In TheNux, we believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking a new world of loyalty reward program opportunities that can easily access, wherever they are in the world, and ensuring the rewards are distribute promptly and on point. Therefore, reward customers who will come back and turn new walk-ins into repeat regulars.

Be our Reward Partner

Engage and retain the customer by offering customer real-time, secure and omnichannel digital loyalty reward.


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