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We are moving towards the future and we want to bring you with us.
Cryptocurrency is the game changer of finance in future. The number of individual and corporate parties adapting to asset management via digital currency is steadily growing. We seized this opportunity; to create the safest cryptocurrency wallet in the world for you. TheNux wallet gives you the key to unlock (and lock) your own financial empowerment. Quite literally

We bring together the most remarkable talents in cryptocurrency, software development, fintech as well as user experience to work as a team. As the market for digital currency is constantly evolving, this puts us on the right track to continue delivering innovations to enhance users’ lifestyle.


Our mission is to create a top notch platform for digital asset management on a global level. We have TWO main focus: SECURITY and ACCESSIBILITY.


We do not compromise when it comes to the safety of TheNux wallet. Each and every little detail is meticulously researched, tested and developed to be included in the wallet to ensure absolutely no loopholes could manipulate users’ privacy.


As complex and technical cryptocurrency is, it is fundamentally created to make life easier for users. We take it upon us to handle the behind-the-scene complexities while you enjoy the easy-to-use and easy-to-understand benefits of the wallet.


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