No Contract, No Hidden Chargebacks

We are very proud to offer our customers the lowest rate in the market, only a mere 0.2% transaction fee will be charged!

Why You Should Choose TheNux Payment Gateway

Lowest Rate

There’s only a 0.2% transaction fee

Secure API

Register to use our platform now to start receiving cryptocurrency payments. It’s easy, simple and secure

Real-Time Reporting

Receive real-time notifications when somebody sends money to your wallet

Direct Deposit To Your Wallet

Cryptocurrency settlements are paid directly into your wallet

Get Paid Instantly

Any money that is sent to you will appear in your wallet instantly!

Our Payment Gateway works to guarantee that your business receives its payments without any risk, volatility, fraud or chargeback. By using our product, you can choose to settle your revenue in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Get Started!

Install TheNux App
Download and install TheNux application from either the Appstore or the Google Play Store. Then, open TheNux app and register an account by using your cellphone number.
Create Business Account
Simply click on the “Create Business Account” option. Follow the simple steps and then enter the verification code that you will have already received from TheNux App.
Payment Gateway Setup
After you login, click on the “Payment Gateway” option to then setup your Payment Gateway address destination. After doing this, you can start receiving cryptocurrency payments by using your Payment Gateway address from the address listing.


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