Live Chat and Messenger

Support Your Customer Anytime, Anywhere

TheNux’s live chat feature allows your agents to communicate with customers easily by using the cellphone application.

Why Choose TheNux?

It’s Free

No hidden costs. No contract required.

Messenger App

Support your team members while they’re on the move with our live chat feature.

It’s Easy To Manage

All you need is your cell phone! Support your customers anytime, anywhere.

Unlimited Number Of Conversations

There’s no limit to the number of conversations that you can conduct.

Unlimited Number Of Agents

Add as many team members as you need. There are no limits!


Sort your team members into different categories: sales, support, technical experts and more. This will help your customers find a solution to their problems with ease.

If you do not have an account, please follow the 3 simple steps below to get started. Registration is free!

3 Simple Steps To Get Started


Install TheNux Application

Download and install TheNux app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can easily manage your live chat conversation using TheNux.

Create a Business Account

Click the “Create Business Account”. option. Follow the simple steps and fill in the verification code, you will receive it from TheNux App straight away.

Setup Live Chat Widgets

After you login, select "Live Chat” and then click "Live Chat Setup". Copy the script into the html of your website, and the chat widget will start working instantly.


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