ERC20 Standards

Coins made by us are acceptable during major exchange around the world. The coins that we’ve created for clients are traded leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms. We adhere to ERC20 based on the Token’s requirement.

Pass the 'Howey Test'

You are advised to choose either “Security Tokens” or “Utility Tokens”. However,Utility Tokens (for ICO) will pass the “Howey Test” without difficulty. Our cryptocurrency creator defines and helps you to categorize that your coin is NOT a SECURITY. Kindly remember that, this is 100% required for global exchanges to accept your Utility cryptocurrency coin.

Super Secure Coins

TheNux has always strived its best to stay connected with the latest news and updates around the crypto industry. Every cryptocurrency coin or token that is created are required to undergo security tests and procedures that allows us to distinguish loopholes that might exist along the process.

Successful ICO, STO
Expertise on STO and ICO various from Security Token, Asset Based Token, Altcoin and many more. Our cryptocurrency creator has fulfilled all the compliance information which is automatically generated and linked to smart contract. The A.I. systems are competed enough to make your cryptocurrency achieve its motive.
Why Us
TheNux is the safest platform for you to create your own coin. You can store your cryptocurrency by creating wallet from outside or in TheNux’s wallet without any complication.

Besides, TheNux wallet also allows you to send your preferred amount of transaction easily when the recipient downloads our app.

TheNux wallet is ready to be used instantly and unlike other platform where you have to go through several process before performing transaction, whereas by using TheNux wallet it can be done at that point of time.

Besides wallet, our exchange platform also enables you to trade in your coin instantly.

TheNux has always strived our best to put user’s satisfaction first in providing you a pleasant experience while using our app.

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